«Staraya Tamozhnya» restaurant

Petersburgers are passionate about their city history and traditions. A rich cultural and architectural heritage is a reason for pride indeed. Among the world-famous attractions of the Northern Venice the ensemble of the «arrow» of the Vasilevsky Island is listed. This is where true St. Petersburg restaurant “Staraya Tamozhnya” is located.

In the dynamically developing St.Petersburg some things stay the same: the upward spire of the Admiralty, the ensemble of the «arrow» of Vasilevsky Island and «Staraya Tamozhnya» restaurant.

«The world changes, «Staraya Tamozhnya» remains the same» is the motto of the restaurant. And it’s not just words because for 20 years the restaurant carefully keeps its best traditions.

The restaurant got its name not by chance. The building where it is located was erected by order of Peter I to protect customs cargoes from frequent floods. The interior preserves the historical brickwork of walls and vaulted ceilings. But the antique atmosphere of the restaurant is connected not only with the Peter`s era – in the halls one can see antiquarian objects of other times: a gramophone, a typewriter and a desk of the beginning of the 20th century. Portraits, stylized antique, depict honorary guests of the restaurant. Furniture made of precious wood, a classic cover and elegant painted porcelain create an atmosphere of respectability.

The main hall of the restaurant is designed for one hundred seats. The Presidential Hall can accommodate up to 40 people. There is also a Lounge-zone where you can stay with comfort for wine, port and sauterne degustation. The Show Kitchen hall is equipped with a modern open kitchen for cooking dishes in front of the guests. If you take a sit behind semi-circular tables, you will be able to see a real culinary presentation. In addition, the kitchen of the restaurant itself is an open space, so everyone can watch the work of the cooks.

In the main hall of the restaurant there are two aquariums: the one with fresh water, where starlet lives, and the other one with sea water for oysters, mussels and Kamchatka crab. All inhabitants of “Staraya Tamozhnya” aquariums can be caught right in front of you and cooked in various ways. For example, the Kamchatka crab can be served boiled or baked in spices – all as you want.

Every evening visitors of «Staraya Tamozhnya» can enjoy live music, performed by professional jazz bands. The best jazz compositions of the world sound within the brick walls of the restaurant.